As the season comes to an end flys that worked in the early part of the year start to catch fish again .A very productive method that is working over the recent past is Newzland style nymph fishing which employs the use of a weighted nymph tied to the bend of an indicator fly such as a large klinkhammer,fished in shallow glides this method can prove very effictive.



May is a time when we see an abundance of upwinged flies and a miriade of black fly to which Liffey trout feed freely upon. This months patterns come from a graduate of the fly tying class of only 2 years ago, as you can see Martin O'Loughlin from Rathangan is well capable of now teaching the teacher.

Emerging Midge


 Fly: Martin O'Loughlin, Photograph: Hans Weilenmann



Hook: TMC 2487BL Sz 22

Thread: Black Benecchi 10/0

Tail/post/wing: Rainbow Crinkle Flash

Abdomen: Blue Dun Super Fine With Thread Showing Through

Hackle: Grizzly Cock

Thorax: Blue Dun Super Fine

Note: Tail and post are tied in as one, with the body dubbing added then. The hackle is tied in beside the post at the eye, it is the wrapped around the post four or five times and tied off at the thorax area, then the thorax dubbing is added. The post is then tied down behind the thorax to form the wing, Hans van Kilnken 'Parapoly Sedge' style.


Olive Shuttlecock Emerger



 Fly: Martin O'Loughlin, Photograph: Hans Weilenmann

Hook: TMC 212Y Sz 17 - 21

Thread: Olive Benecchi 8/0

Wing: Natural CDC

Abdomen: Pale Evening Dun Super Fine

Thorax: Muskrat









Picric Waterhen Bloa



 Fly: Martin O'Loughlin, Photograph: Hans Weilenmann


Hook: Kamasan B160 Sz 12 - 14

Thread: Pearsalls Primrose Silk

Body: Lightly Dubbed Moles Fur, dyed in picric acid, keeping thread visible

Hackle: Moorhen







March fast approaches and the eager anglers among us are cleaning the cobwebs from our tackle in antisapation of some fruitfull days angling.What flys to start off with is always the topic of conversation among fellow anglers and it is always hard not to try the old reliables.


Greenwells Spider. (size 16-14)


Photograph: Hans Weilenmann



Hares Ear Nymph. (size 16-14)


Photograph: Hans Weilenmann